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A.B.S Tampa a provider of Business Phone, Small Business Phone Systems as well as Office Phone repairs.  Support most major brands of telephone systems. In Tampa, Florida, and with dispatch centers in 37 states.

Business Phone Systems

Office Phone Systems packed with features to help your company become more efficient, mobile, and productive. As a leader in Business Phone Systems, we offer cloud-hosted phone systems, traditional on-site systems, hybrid phone systems as well as repair existing phone systems.

We Install IP Phone & Office Phone Systems

We Offer Telephone Cabling & Telephone Wiring

Full-Service Telephone Technicians

Many telecom providers, and hosted phone providers are focused on end-user installation, and focused on self-service rather than meeting the needs of today’s businesses.  First, many hosted systems are plug and play but countless network issues can occur therefore what do you do when this happens?  In most cases, businesses ship the phones back out of frustration and try to find a new provider.  In many cases that new provider is US!  We offer full support including on-site support and managed PBX services.

Why Choose US?

Do you know all the ins & outs of Phone Systems?

Our Techs are industry leaders and trained on systems you likely never heard of but that is the point… We believe our job is to guide you to the right system or upgrade not simply sell.

We Repair and Upgrade Existing Phone Systems 

Not Every Business NEEDS a New Phone System!

Therefore, we have a staff of qualified telephone technicians who can maintain your traditional telephone system and yet get it ready for Digital Voice Lines that your business must migrate to by 2020.


Should I put my phone system in the Cloud?

Unlike many Cloud Telephone Providers, we offer a vast knowledge base we use to “Properly” guide you to them which is the right Business Telephone Systems for your needs.  The cloud offers amazing features, great phones, and our full support but due to specific reasons may not be right for you. Let it be our job to narrow your options and help guide you!  Our goal is a satisfied client who will share their positive experience.

Do I have to Change Carriers?

We have many systems that do not require you to change current carriers.  However, to obtain some features you may have to consider doing that as modern systems work very different from traditional line telephones.   Cloud Phone Systems, Hybrid Phone Systems, and Line Phone Systems are different from each other.  Unlike most providers, we offer all 3 options!

What is the Right Solution for a Business Phone?

Not ALL Systems are Created Equal.  We have an array of telephone systems from on-site systems, to cloud-phone systems, and to phone systems that can bring remote locations together.  Even within phone systems, there are Models/levels to design a system that is a right fit, to meet the right need, and still grow with your business.

Nortel Support

Systems like:

Avaya RepairNEC Repair

Nortel RepairNorstar RepairNortel Networks

Panasonic Phone RepairLucent Phone Repair


3COM and More

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