Avaya Partner Rings once

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

Do you have an Avaya Partner Phone System and suddenly it has this odd behavior?   If your phone system is doing the following:

Business Phone Problem “My Avaya Phone rings once and then hangs up” or “My Avaya Phone rings Once and then the calls goes into voicemail


If you’re having either of these symptoms on your Avaya partner Phone, then you’re having a Processor issue that requires a technician to support /Service your Avaya Phone System.  This is not something a general end-user can address or repair.

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Avaya Partner – Avaya Rings

If you are looking for quality Office Telephone System support we can help!   We for your office telephone system that you needs you have found the right place!  We offer repairs of: Vodavi Repair seattle, Avaya repair seattle, Nortel Repair Seattle, and NEC phone repair.

Atlantic Business System both a  provider of Business Phone Systems and are a telephone  systems installers.  We like to say “Meeting needs – Solving problems is what we do” because we are here to help you upgrade your existing phone system, repair your old phone system, or install new business phone systems.   Also providing unified communications and network cabling installation.   We offer state of the art systems like: Hosted PBX, and Voip for business.  We strive to make it an easy, straightforward, affordable transaction for your business.  We are an a 3CX partner, and an Atlantic Business Systems Partner.  

We also provide 24/7 day a week Emergency Service to keep your phone system up and running when you need it.

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Avaya Phone Rings Once

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