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Maybe you have an office phone system that just doesn’t have the technology features required for today’s communication requirements. Today’s phone systems have advanced so far in features that it is almost a necessity to have an up to the date business phone system to be competitive.

If the success of your business has resulted in a growing staff with needs that exceed the capacity of your existing small business phone system, we can help you resolve the issues you have regarding the communications requirements that exist today… quickly and within most small business phone system budgets.

ABS is able to provide Telephone Systems solutions that will work with any combination of analog, digital or VOIP circuits and digital, analog, VOIP or long-range wireless phone sets. We have solutions for small office environments up to enterprise multi-site networked phone systems.

[] Expand Systems Functions

[] Add Mobile Phone Integration

[] Program or Reprogram your phone system

[] Add Extensions or Equipment

[] Convert or Upgrade to VOIP

[] Add Cordless Extensions

[] Install additional Phone Equipment

[] Update Voice Mail/ Auto Attendant

[] Add Computer Desktop Calling

[] Music-on-hold

[] Door phones

[] Telephone paging

[] Call Center

[] Call Accounting


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“Bring your old phone system up to date!”

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Phone System Repairs

  • Avaya: Avaya Partner ACS, Avaya IP Office, Partner Mail VS, Partner Messaging, Partner Voice Messaging.
  • AT&T/Lucent: Spirit, Merlin, Partner, Partner II, Legend, Merlin Magix
  • Nortel: Norstar, Meridian, 616, CICS, MICS, BCM 1000, BCM 50, BCM 200, BCM 400, BCM 450, Call Pilot, Startalk Flash, NAMS.
  • Vodavi: 616Flex, DHS, Infinite, Triad, STS, STSe, XTSIP, XTcIP, Dispatch, Pathfinder.
  • Vertical: SBX IP320
  • Comdial: Executech, Impact, DXP, FX, DX 80, DX 120, Comdial Key Voice.
  • Executone: IDS


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Business Phone Systems 

If your out of date, older, broken phone system is in need of a business phone upgrade then contact us.  We have support for legacy telephone systems you can upgrade to the latest platforms without having to change your desk phones, yet giving you the newest features available.  Or, we can move you to the latest in Telephone Systems and provide mobile apps for your staff.  The Newest upgrades often include: Cloud Phone Systems, hosted Phone Systems. Telephone systems have changed over the years and now the Cloud/Hosted has become the standard to office telephone systems operating on the Cloud telephone networks.

Avaya Phone Upgrades

Upgrades for Avaya Phone Systems

Avaya Partner is no longer supported by the manufacturer but we have upgrades!



We also provide Avaya Repair


Nortel Phone Upgrades

Nortel Phone System Providers

We offer a wide array of Nortel Phone Upgrades, and office phone solutions. We also offer Nortel Repair



Avaya Repair

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